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  • Experience of more than 30 years.

    A small change can make a big difference

    Use our calculator to determine how much you are going to save with LifeAGE® system. Adjust the inputs according to your situation and simply click on the equal sign. You will get a detailed report of money savings and moreover of your carbon footprint. If you want to see the report later, print it out or save it to you computer.

    Let´s think about our planet as well!


    Savings Calculator LifeAGE

    LifeAGE® costs savings calculator

    Estimation of operating cost savings after 10 years due to use of a system with LifeAGE® technology compared to UV system with standard magnetic power

    LifeAGE® saving:

    30 % electric energy due to Advanced Electric Power and due to Intelligent Operation System. We suppose average UV lamp lifetime of 6000 hours with magnetic power and 12 000 hours with LifeAGE® technology.

    Standard magnetic power
    UV with LifeAGE® technology
    Savings with LifeAGE® technology
    Number of UV lamps and services
    UV lamps cost
    17 520
    8 760
    8 760
    Service cost
    2 920
    1 460
    1 460
    Electric energy cost
    157 680
    110 376
    47 304
    LifeAGE® technology saves you after 10 years
    57 524
    LifeAGE® technology saves you each year on average
    5 752
    50 %
    50 %
    30 %
    UV lamps cost savings
    Service cost savings
    Electric energy savings
    LifeAGE® protects our Earth - reduces your ecological footprint
    Saving of black coal
    131 400
    kg (10 years)
    Saving of your carbon footprint
    236 520
    kg CO2 (10 years)

    Öko-Institut e.V. – Institute for Applied Ecology, Institut fur angewandte Ökologie Germany

    U.S. Energy Inforamation Administration (EIA)

    It can be produced c. 1.8 kWh electric energy from 1 kg black coal, carbon footprint (carbon dioxide emissions) is c. 1 kg CO2/kWh