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  • Experience of more than 30 years.

    A small change can make a big difference

    We are professionals in the field of water and air purification and disinfection. As we are designing and manufacturing the products ourselves, we are able to have an individual approach and customise the product according to your needs.


    Low and medium pressure UVs, ozone generators and the most effective technology - combination of ozone and UV. We are able to significantly reduce your operating costs. Use our savings calculator to see how much. 


    LifeOX® Air creates prefectly clean environment at your home, office, car, consulting room or even a factory. After the treatment you will experience fresh and healthy air, same as next to a waterfall.

    LIFETECH s.r.o.

    LIFETECH is more than 30 years an innovative company in plasma technologyultraviolet lightozone generatorsozoneUV technology and AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes).

    Assoc. Prof. Jiri Drimal,Ph.D., director of LIFETECH, has worked and participated in research projects of Eindhoven University of Technology (Tu/e), The University of ManchesterRWTH Aachen UniversityMoscow State University, etc. and is an avowed expert in the field of ozone, UV, AOP and plasma technologies.

    What do customers think?

    “We wanted to reduce the level of combined chlorine, and therefore we chose combination of ozone and UV radiation, namely LifeOX®. Our visitors realized the change themselves and many of them came to tell us the water is now „sparkling“.

    LifeOX® technology not only met our expectations but greatly exceeded them. We strongly recommend the system.”

    Director – Antonin Marx (Aquapark Beroun)

    “Technology LifeOX® has been saving us a huge amount of dilution water and operating costs in general. Not only that our customers appreciate swimming without swollen eyes, but also the employees enjoy working in a better environment.

    Conclude it into one sentence? Return on investment in 8 months!

    Director of Operation - Zdenek Balaban (Aquapark Kohoutovice)